Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. What Is An Index?

When there are thousands of entries in a table, retrieving information will take a long time. Therefore indexes are created on columns which are accessed frequently, so that the information can be retrieved quickly. Indexes can be created on a single column or a group of columns. When an index is created, it first sorts the data and then it assigns a unique ID for entries. An index is an ‘ordered arrangement of entries ... designed to enable users to locate information in a document. A document may be a book, an issue or volume of a magazine or journal, audiotape, film, computer file, or any other information source.'

Q. What is DRJI?

Directory of Research Journal Indexing(DRJI) is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic open access web resources. Directory of Research Journal Indexing is a digital collection of education research and information. Each DRJI record contains bibliographic data (title, author, ISSN or ISBN, publisher information, etc.) and an abstract. If made available by the publisher, DRJI includes links to the full text or the publisher's site.

Q. How can I recommend a journal?

To recommend or suggest your journal, please Visit us here..

Q. What types of journals are included in DRJI?

DRJI includes only research related journal articles.

Q. Why do publishers participate in DRJI?

Q. We're interested. How do we get started?

First fill up journal Suggestion Form with detailed information of journals for indexing. Upon completion of a successful review, DRJI will forward an agreement details to be reviewed and signed by the authorized publisher representative.

Q. What are the Selection Criteria?

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Q. How long does the evaluation take?

Q. What are the costs of journal registration and indexing?

Journal registration and indexing are FREE OF COST.

Q. What fees are involved for maintenance?

DRJI charges no fees for indexing or maintaining the DRJI Collection.

Q. How can we let other people know that our journals are in DRJI?

We encourage publishers to let their customers know that their journal is indexed in DRJI. Some publishers include the notation or Logo Indexed in DRJI on their Web sites, with an url linking to the DRJI Web site.

Q. How do I submit an article to DRJI or find author guidelines for a journal?

DRJI is not the publisher of journals. So an article cannot be submitted to us directly.

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